How to browse and buy on our website?

- To see all our sections and products, click on OUR MENU or click on the corresponding tab of each section, in the menu at the top of the pages.

- You can see our news by clicking on the NEWS tab of the top menu of the pages.

- You can see all our REDUCED PRODUCTS click on the OFFERS tab of the top menu of the pages.

To add products to the cart, click on the ADD TO CART button that appears in the product thumbnail, or you can also add it from the page of each product.

In the CART tab you can see all the products in your shopping cart and review your DISCOUNTS added.

To MAKE THE ORDER you only have to click on the PASS BY BOX button of your shopping cart.

The page will guide you through the purchase process as you enter the shipping address (if you have not yet registered or you have not entered any address yet), choose the transport, select the payment method and pay.

How to register on our website to obtain extra benefits and why?

Our PARTNERS AND CLIENTS (the people registered in our website) are OUR FRIENDS. We ALWAYS take care of them and that is why we give them special promotions and GIFTS.

If you want to become our friend, register by following the steps in the REGISTRATION FORM.

PRACTICAL ISSUES: Finally, in addition to all the ADVANTAGES OF BEING OUR FRIEND, since you are registered on our website, you will not have to re-enter your contact information, delivery address, etc. , every time you place an order.

Where do I find out about the available discounts and how do I use them?

We always have DISCOUNTS AND PROMOTIONS that are advertised throughout our store and directly in the information of the products.

---> You can see all our REDUCED PRODUCTS click on the OFFERS tab of the top menu of the pages.

In addition, we have discounts on shipping costs, which are added directly to the shopping cart. You can read more information in SHIPPING.

---> If you are already registered, to see all your CUPONS AND VOUCHERS click on the corresponding tab from YOUR ACCOUNT; there will appear all the coupons and vouchers that you have as a customer. Remember that you also have the general discounts of non-registered users.

For coupon-type discounts, just enter the coupon number in your shopping cart, just below where the total price appears on the right side of the page.

Will my data and privacy be secure?

SSL CERTIFICATE security on all pages of QSINatural: You can navigate with TOTAL SECURITY through our website. Your data is TOTALLY SECURE, so long as you register on our website, subscribe to our newsletter (newsletter and offers) or make purchases through our website.

For more information, you can check our LEGAL WARNING, our PRIVACY POLICY AND COOKIES and OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE. You can unsubscribe whenever you want by sending us through our CONTACT FORM or the channels specified in the PRIVACY POLICY AND COOKIES.